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Service Support
1. Q: Which operation systems does the software support?
A: It supports Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Vista,Win7 &Win8 ,Mac10.6-10.8.

2. Q: The software does not auto-run when the device is plugged in.
Situation1: if there is no notification from the PC, please check if the auto-run has been disabled by Windows.
Situation2: If the device remains on the U-disk, please check if an anti-virus application has disabled the auto-run.
A: Please launch the software manually if you do not change the configuration of your PC.

3. Q: I cannot install the driver
A: On some PCs, installation of the driver may take a long time because of the PC configuration. So please wait and do not cancel the process or you will have to uninstall and re-install again.

4. Q: What should I do if the main window continues to display “Searching device”?
A: Please remove the device and reinsert it.

5. Q: What should I do if the (U)SIM card is unplugged during the application?
A: Please disconnect the device first, and then restart the

6. Q: The (U)SIM card does not register any networks
A: The reasons are shown below:
1. Unstable local signal;
2. The software is an old version;
3.Hardware problem.
You may:
1. Try to logon from another location;
2. Update the software;
3. Check the hardware or use another data card and retry.

7. Q: Why does the prompt “Unavailable connection profile” appear?
A: Please add a connection profile manually.

8. Q: It failed to connect to the internet
A: Please make sure the connection profile and settings are correct.

9. Q: Sending an SMS failed
A: Please make sure the SMS center number is correct.

10. Q: I can not receive an SMS
A: Please check whether your (U)SIM card’s memory is full.

11. Q: Why can I only save part of the name when adding a new contact?
A: The (U)SIM card can only hold 12 SBC characters, and 6 DBC characters.

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